Gary MacKenzie


Heads the Finish Carpentry Team

Ask Gary MacKenzie what he does at the company and he replies, "I'm a carpenter." Considering that MacKenzie Brothers' 30-plus years of success is rooted in interior work, and even today their expertise is sought by other builders, it's safe to say he's more than a carpenter. He's one of the reasons MacKenzie homes are as stunning on the inside as they are on the outside.

A true, old school craftsman who is always current on modern tools and materials, Gary brings more than 30 years of experience to every job. And yes, he is on every job in person, because to him the details matter. Even as he maintains a big-picture perspective, finish work must not only reflect the materials and choices agreed on by owner, architect and interior designer; they must also meet his personal standards.


Glenn MacKenzie


Heads the New Home Construction Team

Glenn MacKenzie is a certified licensed builder who enjoys using his creativity to build each new home. As the company's overall new construction project manager and one of its deepest sources of industry knowledge, Glenn maintains a strong presence at every job site and on each project.

Approachable and easy to talk to, Glenn is always available to owners and is often found devising optimum solutions with architects, subcontractors, local officials and other collaborators. With 30-plus years in the industry and a reputation, along with brother Gary as one of the region's most experienced and most respected builders. Glenn works with all the team sharing his wisdom on the building process at hand. He shoulders his responsibilities with a smile and enthusiasm from start to finish on each MacKenzie home.